by | Jul 15, 2020

Why Should I Choose AMI for Community Management Services?

Choosing AMI for your professional management needs means choosing a company that is familiar with all the details of the legal requirements in Florida and will free up the Board’s time for policy making and executive overview.
We currently serve more than 100 condominium and homeowner associations throughout Manatee, Sarasota and Venice, and we have earned the prestigious AAMC designation – the highest designation bestowed upon professional management companies.

What Financial Services Does AMI Provide?

AMI offers many financial services to help HOA and Condo Board members handle their budget, create financial statements and reports, collect and deposit assessment fees, and many more! See all of our financial services on our Financial Services Page here!

What Physical Services Does AMI Provide?

At AMI we offer physical and maintenance services for Condo and HOA board members, like designating maintenance specifications, coordinating property inspections, monitoring contractor performance, inventory and more! See all our maintenance and physical services on our Physical Services page here!

What Administrative Services Does AMI Provide?

If you HOA or Condo board needs help with organization, AMI can help! Our administrative services include Standard Operating Procedure & Policy review, newsletter distribution, organization of files and records, legal council liaison coordination and more! See all our administrative services on our Administration page here!

What Consulting Services Does AMI Provide?

AMI offers full service Condo and HOA Board management duties, but we are also the top consulting company for these services as well! Long before community association management firms were born, AMI was offering our consulting services. Learn more on our Consulting page here, or call us!

How Do I Login To My Account?

If you need to login to your account to pay online, head to https://www.amiwra.com/ and click on the “Client Login” button on the top left of the screen!