Handling Home Renovations in Your HOA Community

Most HOA communities have all sorts of rules covering home renovations. These state which renovations need to be approved by the board or the design committee before homeowners start the work. They should also articulate how the process works and what sort of timeline homeowners can expect so they know when they can schedule builders, etc.

However, many HOAs still run into home renovation problems. Here’s what board members can do to make the process easier.

Know Which Projects Need HOA Approval

landscaping and home renovations and hoa

This may sound basic but it’s true: board members need to know, preferably off the top of their heads, what kind of projects need HOA approval. This is one of the most common things that people will ask them about because it can be a source of confusion among homeowners. This is especially true if the language in the community documents is not straightforward or is open to different interpretations.

Make the Approval Process Straightforward

Sometimes, the HOA approval process is confusing and not at all straightforward. This is especially true for older associations that may have outdated procedures or that may not take advantage of technological advances to make the process faster. Update processes as necessary to make them as easy as possible for homeowners to follow. This makes them more likely to get the approvals they need.

Choose Preferred Contractors

If possible, find contractors who are easy to work with and who will commit to working with your homeowners regularly. Work with them to select certain materials that homeowners can use for everything from painting their homes to landscaping their yards. Then, if homeowners choose to work with these contractors, you can expedite the approval process or even eliminate it all together.

Help Homeowners Follow the Process

Set up a contact person for homeowners who have questions about the approval process. Assume that some people will want a lot of help along the way and find a way to get them the aid that they need so they can successfully get approval for their projects and update their homes in ways that are beneficial for both them and the community. All of the help may seem unnecessary, but it will make these homeowners more likely to upgrade their homes and raise property values around the community.

If you need help updating your approval process or getting people to follow it, contact us at AMI today. Our skilled team of experts will help your community run smoothly and help facilitate the kind of upgrades that you want people to make. We’ll make your community a better place to live and help you achieve your goals for your HOA board.

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