How to Bring Your Community Together This Spring

community management & HOAs: getting ready for spring

It’s easy to forget who your neighbors are if you don’t see them very much! As part of your HOA board, it’s part of your job to help them get to know each other. Spring can be a great time to plan some community activities that help people make new friends and remain in contact with old ones. Here are just a few ideas for activities your HOA board can sponsor this spring!

Throw an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are great fun for the whole family. They are easy to plan, too. Just get some inexpensive candy and trinkets and get some board members together to stuff eggs. Hide them in plain sight, then let the kids have at them! Even extensive Easter egg hunts aren’t expensive and they offer a chance for people to stand around, chat, and get to know each other better.

Help Someone in Need

Band together to help someone who needs it. You can choose a family in your neighborhood who may not be able to care for their home at the moment or choose a cause outside of your local area. Pick the cause, advertise, and get people on board. You may be surprised to find out how many of your community members will exert themselves to help people who really need it!

Hold a Community Cleanup Day

It’s easy for a community to start looking dingy during the winter, even in Florida. If your area needs some TLC, hold a cleanup day to take care of the problem. You can also do this after any major storms that come through. No one really loves cleanup work but it’s a lot more fun when the whole community is working together. It also gives people a chance to help each other out.

Set Up a Community-Wide Garage Sale

Pick a weekend and sponsor a community-wide garage sale. You can make the board’s commitment as minimal as printing signs and putting out banners, or you can take the time to find out who is going to be selling and put together a directory so that potential buyers know where to head next. Making money together is always fun!

Have a Cookout

Fire up the neighborhood BBQ and host a cookout. You can even make it Bring Your Own Meat if the board doesn’t have the funds to buy. Potlucks are fun, too. Hold it outdoors and make sure there is a playground or something else for the kids to do. Let people talk, eat, drink, and generally have fun together.

There are so many things that an HOA board can do to bring the community together, but board members need to have time to do them. If you’re spending all your energy on other HOA tasks, call us at AMI today. Our professionals can take some of these off your plate so you don’t have to carry them anymore. Get back to the part of being on the board that you love!

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