How to Help Your Members During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How to Help Your Residents During COVID-19

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, more and more HOA boards are finding themselves faced with new questions. Some of these questions have been around since all of this started in March, while others seem to pop up every day. Here are some ways you can help your members during this crisis, while also looking out for the interests of the board.

Use Caution With Common Areas

The board should close all common areas that encourage indoor public gatherings, like clubhouses and gyms. Many states are now allowing outdoor pools to be open, as long as certain protocols are followed.

On the other hand, the board must keep open areas that are essential for community members to function, like laundry areas, etc. They will need to come up with a plan for keeping people socially distanced and protected while they are using these areas. Signs encouraging social distancing and wearing a mask should be posted in these areas, too.

Design a Quarantine Protocol

If a member of the community tests positive for COVID-19, does the HOA have a responsibility to help them get their mail, get rid of their garbage, and more? The answer is complicated and depends, somewhat, on the structure of the association.

Even if no one in your community has gotten sick yet, now is a great time to review the regulations and come up with a plan for handling quarantine situations. The plan should also cover whether or not to reveal to the community that an anonymous member has tested positive, who is allowed to enter and leave the community, and more.

Make All Meetings Virtual

Move all board meetings and other meetings to Zoom or another virtual platform if you haven’t already done so. This not only protects board members but it allows even the most vulnerable in your community to attend meetings and contribute.

People with autoimmune struggles or other pre-existing conditions will not be able to come to in-person meetings. If you do not hold meetings virtually, you are taking away their right to come, listen, and participate in the life of the community.

Help Residents Financially

The HOA board will need to come up with a plan that will both help members who have lost income due to the Coronavirus and keep the association solvent. The exact nature of the plan will depend on the number of people affected, the particular community’s needs, and state and local laws. The important thing is to realize there are people who need help, remember that foreclosure is not good for the association either, and design a plan with everyone’s best interests at heart. And remember, if you nee help organizing your HOA finances, AMI is here to help you make a plan!

If you need help navigating the pandemic as an HOA board, contact us at AMI today. We’ll work with you to make sure you are protected, your residents are safe, and everyone comes out of this crisis situation strong. Contact us today and we’ll design a support plan around your needs.

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