How To Recruit Volunteers for Your Homeowner’s Association

Most homeowner’s associations are built on the backs of a number of volunteers. These people do everything from running the board to keeping the books to making special events happen and more. Without them, the association wouldn’t be able to do much of anything at all!

Finding the right volunteers for your HOA can be difficult. After all, many people are so busy that the thought of adding one more thing to their plates is too much. Thus, it’s important to find the right people and show them that working for your HOA is worth their time and effort.

An HOA committee meeting.

Make Your Needs Known

When recruiting volunteers, start by making your needs known. Place lists of volunteer positions online or in your association newsletter. After all, if people don’t know that you need them, they probably won’t come seeking you out to find out if you need any help.

Some people love to volunteer and are always looking for opportunities. If they see your notice, they may connect with one of the things you need and make themselves available to help.

Tie Your Needs to Homeowner Needs or Desires

Show people in your neighborhood how they benefit if these volunteer positions are filled. Talk about how planning events, for example, draws a community together and makes it a better place for everyone to live. Explain how being on the HOA board can help keep property values high. This will show people why they might choose to volunteer for the HOA.

Find People With the Experience or Expertise You Need

Some volunteer positions require certain skills or an aptitude to learn them. As you get to know people in the neighborhood, keep track of those who have skills the association might need, either now or at a later date. Contact those people when you need them, explain the need, and tell them why you thought of them. This may help them find volunteer positions that suit them well.

Recruit Through Relationships

When you’re looking for someone to help with a new position or project, think about the people in the neighborhood who you know pretty well. People may be more likely to help you if they have a personal connection to the job or task that needs doing, or to the person asking them to do it.

Invite New Homeowners, Too!

Make sure that new homeowners know they are welcome to volunteer. Notify them of any possible positions or jobs that need to be done, and emphasize how doing that job might help them meet people and begin to invest in their new home and their new life in the area. Allow them to begin in positions that don’t ask too much of them or that don’t require them to have any background knowledge of the area or the association.

If you need help finding volunteers or getting jobs done well in your homeowner’s association, contact our Sarasota HOA management team at AMI today. We’ll help you find the solutions you need!

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