Top Skills For HOA Board Members

HOA board members

Whether you’re on your HOA board, considering running for a position, or trying to decide who to vote for, it’s important to remember that there are certain characteristics that make people better suited to running your association than people without those characteristics are. Here are some of the top characteristics of good HOA board members.


People who pay attention to details and who care about getting things right will do well on a board. These are people who will show up for meetings, who will make sure all of the numbers on the budget are accurate, and who will plan events down to the last detail. You may not want every single board member to be conscientious, but at least some of them need to be and they need to be willing to take care of the details for everyone else.


Good board members are engaged, both with their role in the community and with other members of the community. You don’t want board members who are only there to put something on their resume or who don’t really care what happens. You want people who are passionate about the community, who care about making sure that everyone’s well-being is considered, and who want to meet and understand their neighbors, even the ones who are different from them.


The best board members are compassionate. They care deeply about what is going on, not only with the community as a whole but also in the lives of individuals who are community members. They also know when to let their compassion reign. For instance, they might be willing to give a widow dealing with cancer extra time to pay her dues, but may not be tempted to extend the same grace to someone who just forgot to pay.

High EQ

Emotional intelligence is one of the top leadership skills that a person can have. This involves everything from listening well to being in touch with one’s own feelings to being able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and understand where they are coming from. Having high emotional intelligence makes someone a good leader because it allows them to genuinely hear people, then respond from the depth and the center of who they are.


Solid board members are precise, or at least care about precision. They want to make sure that they get things right, and they realize that this includes details as well as big picture items. These people care about accurate dollar amounts, details of permitting and construction, and making sure paperwork and other things are turned in on time. They recognize that little details can go a long way towards making the community better, which is a job they are committed to.

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