What Does an HOA Community Manager Do?

Various hands representing a community

While some HOA boards choose to run their community on their own, others hire management companies to help them out. These companies generally assign one person – a manager – to work closely with the HOA board.

The HOA manager has a number of different roles. These can vary based on what the particular community needs, how large it is, etc. Outline below are explanations of many of the roles these managers can play.

Is the Manager on the Board?

It’s important to note that the manager is NOT on the HOA board. While they meet with the board and help them complete designated tasks, they are not voting members. This means that the HOA manager does not usually have a say in community decisions that require a vote.

This can be helpful because it means that the manager can remain more detached than board members do when it comes to how the community is run. Their job is to help it run no matter what is decided, not to make the decisions themselves.

Liaise With the Board

One of the main jobs of an HOA manager is to handle communications between the management company and the board. The manager can help the board get in touch with professionals at the management company whose services they need, and can keep those professionals informed about what is going on with a particular association.

Handle Certain Tasks for the Board

Depending on the needs of the particular association, the manager can help the board with a number of tasks. These may include citing violations and collecting on them, communication and correspondence with association members, running events for the association, and more.

The manager’s job is never to take over tasks that the board is doing or wants to do. It is, instead, to handle the things that the board cannot or does not have time to handle on its own.

Connect the Board To Other Experts

The manager may also be able to connect the board to the experts it needs. For instance, most managers have contacts who can perform financial audits, which can help the board know where they should spend their money and what they should focus on next. The manager may also know legal and other professionals who can help a board as needed.

Find the Best Deals for the Community

Finally, managers often help communities find the best deal for a wide variety of services. They may know of waste disposal companies who can give quotes, landscaping companies for a wide variety of needs, etc. While boards should never work with a company just because their manager says they should, these connections can help them get quotes that will save them a lot of money.

If you’re looking for a manager for your HOA or you’re interested in knowing how one might be able to make your life easier, contact us at Advanced Management Inc. today. We’ll set up a package of community management services for you based on your HOA’s particular needs.

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