What Does an HOA President Do?

An HOA board meeting.

Whether you have just been elected to the HOA board, you’re new to an HOA and you want to know what’s going on, or you’ve been around for a while but you’re just catching up, it’s important to know how your HOA works. You can start by understanding what an HOA president does.

The Voice of the Association and the Board

When the HOA needs to make a public statement, the president is the one who speaks. Whether this is at board meetings, through letters to association members, or at a press conference, the president’s voice speaks for the HOA itself. The president is the representation of the HOA outside of the boardroom.

Oversee Community Operations

The HOA president takes care of a lot of details. The president schedules meetings and runs them, is responsible for ensuring that financial documents are produced and are accurate, holds to the budget, enforces rules, meets with committees, and more. While the president can delegate some of these tasks, they are ultimately their responsibility.

Lead the Volunteer Board

An HOA board is made up of volunteers, including the president themselves. The president is the leader of these volunteers, so it is their job to make sure that everyone else is doing the tasks assigned to them. In this role, this president may undertake the education of board members, the forming of committees, etc.

Sign Official Documents

Whenever the HOA signs official documents, the president will be the one who actually puts pen to paper. These documents are most often contracts with different professionals and companies, but also includes any checks the association writes, as well as leases and stock certificates.

It’s important that the president actually read all of these items, as there may be personal liability involved for them. They should run anything they are unsure of by a lawyer or other relevant professional (like a financial advisor) if they have questions about what they are signing.

Liaise With Outside Professionals

The president also oversees relationships between the HOA and outside professionals. This includes everyone from the landscaping company to the company that cleans the common spaces to lawyers, contractors doing single jobs (like a roofing company), etc.

While the president does not have to conduct all interviews or negotiations themselves, the ultimate responsibility for making sure these get done and that the community gets a decent deal lies with them. If reserve funds are being used to pay an outside pro, the president oversees their dispersal.

Seek Knowledge for the Good of the Community

The president must also seek out relevant knowledge that pertains to their community. This may involve finding a management company that can handle some tasks, staying informed about legislation relevant to the HOA, updating contact methods as technology advances and more.

An HOA president has a key role in helping the community function well. Understanding this role will help you live better as part of the community, too! For help with HOA administration, contact your team at AMI of SW Florida today.

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