What Does an HOA Vice President Do?

A vice president of an HOA.

The vice president of a homeowner’s association board has an important role. While some people aren’t quite sure what to do with this position, this person is a key player in the association. Much of whether the HOA is a success or a failure comes down to how well the vice president does their job.

There is also some flexibility within the VP role, depending on the specific association and the needs there. Here’s what boards need to know about what their vice president can and should be doing.

Support the President

One of the main roles of the vice president is to support the president. They may help the president with their duties. This can include writing meeting agendas, overseeing events, and more.

Note that the VP and the president do not always have to agree. Sometimes, the best way to support someone is to push back against their ideas or to ask them thoughtful questions about why they want to do things a certain way. This can help them see blindspots, clarify their thinking, or even change their mind.

Fill In for the President

If something happens and the president becomes ill or otherwise cannot fulfill their duties, the vice president is the one who takes over. This can be a short-term thing, if the president needs to have surgery or falls ill. It can also be a long-term thing, if the president suddenly faces a major illness or becomes otherwise incapacitated.

If the president is not going to be able to fulfill their duties again before their term is up, the association may need to vote someone else into that office. However, until that person is up and running, the vice president will need to make sure the association continues to run well.

Work With Committees

The vice president is often deeply involved in committee work within the association. They may liaise between the board and several different committees, or they may even chair or participate in these committees, as the laws and bylaws allow.

Because the vice president usually has more familiarity with the rules governing the community than the average committee member does, they can help committees ensure that they are following the rules. This can make committee work run smoother and help avoid other issues, too.

Other Duties Vary by Association

Most vice presidents have duties that go beyond the ones listed here, but they vary by association. In some associations, the vice president is in charge of making sure that the grounds are kept up and common buildings are maintained. In others, the VP has the job of editing any documents that go out to the public, giving them a final once-over to make sure they are correct and in line with the bylaws.

Some people think that the VP of an HOA doesn’t have an important job because they aren’t the president. However, the vice president usually does a lot of behind-the scenes work to keep things running. They have a key role in making sure the association functions well.

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