What Prospective Board Members Need to Know

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It can be hard to find enough people in a community to fill all of the seats on its HOA board. Some communities are willing to take anyone who is a warm body and willing to have their name on legal documents. However, getting informed board members will help your association function better. Here’s what you need to make sure people know before they try to get elected.

The Basics of HOA Life

Potential board members need to understand the basics of HOA life before they decide whether or not to be on the board. They need to know things like:

  • The CCC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions) must be followed and there are penalties for not doing so.
  • HOA fees are not optional. Associations can set up liens or use other means to get the money they are owed.
  • Membership in the association is mandatory for people who choose to purchase homes there.
  • Any community services included in the HOA documents can be billed to the homeowner, whether or not the homeowner chooses to use them.

The Responsibilities of Their Role

People who are interested in becoming board members should know about the role they are signing up for. If they are running for a specific job, like Secretary or Treasurer, they need to know exactly what they will be responsible for. They also need to know details about being on the board like:

  • If an issue is not on the agenda, it cannot be discussed at a meeting
  • The CC&Rs are subject to state and federal laws
  • HOAs are required to carry insurance

Being on the Board Means Showing Up

Being part of an HOA board means giving up your time to help your community. Anyone who minimizes the time commitment involved is likely not telling the truth or doesn’t know what goes into keeping an HOA going.

Having a role on an HOA board can involve a significant time commitment. Many people find that this time is a worthy investment in making their community work smoothly. However, people who don’t have the time or who have different values may sign up only to get frustrated and stop showing up or doing the tasks assigned to them.

It Could Change Relationships Forever

When you’re on the HOA board, you often get to know more people in the community than you’ve known before. Even if you’re active and attend events, being on the board is different.

Most of these interactions are wonderful and many board members meet people who turn into lifelong friends. However, some of these interactions will be difficult and there may be people who you find out you don’t want to be around. Knowing this ahead of time can help people weigh the relational benefits and costs of joining their HOA board.

Let AMI Help Perfect Your HOA Administration

If you would like some help communicating to prospective HOA board members or you need aid in other parts of your community, reach out to us at AMI today. Our team of HOA experts will help you make your neighborhood an even better place to live.

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