Decorating Your Neighborhood on a Budget

Many HOAs go all out when it comes to decorating for the holidays. However, others don’t have the desire or the budget to do this. If this describes your HOA, or if you’re looking to save money even on a lavish holiday display, there are some ways to lower the cost of decorating for the holidays. You can still have a display that everyone will love, without breaking the bank.

Get Quotes on Lights

decorating the neighborhood on a budget

Start by getting quotes on your lights. Different companies may charge drastically different prices for this service. Make sure you know what each quote involves, too, because some will ask you to provide the lights or charge you more to take them down when the holidays are over.

Make sure that any company you work with knows what they are doing and has experience with holiday decor. That way, you’re more likely to get a good deal for your money.

Choose LED Lights

No matter how many lights you choose to put up, make sure they are all LED. These cost so much less to power than traditional lights, so your electric bills won’t be nearly as high. In fact, you might be able to put up a lot more lights if you choose these, because they cost that much less to use.

If you’re contracting your lights out, make sure the company you’re working with uses these or offers you a major discount because of the increased bills you’ll be paying when you use their lights.

Turn Lights On and Off Strategically

Put your lights on a timer and modify the timer as the season progresses. This helps ensure that your lights are on whenever it’s dark and that you aren’t paying to power them during the day. Many HOAs say that they will handle the lights manually, only to forget often enough that the lights aren’t always on when they need them and they end up paying to keep them lit during the day.

Ask For Volunteer Help

If you’re really in a budget pinch, see if there’s anyone in your neighborhood who would be willing to volunteer to handle the decor. You will need to buy the lights and other decorations yourself, but you might be able to find people who are willing to design the theme, put them up, and take them down. If you plan to do this every year, make a volunteer team so no one shoulders the burden alone.

Consider Other Decorations Instead of Lights

If lights are just too expensive to string and run, think about other ways to decorate. Put up a large tree in a common area (even an outdoor one) and make decorating it a neighborhood project. Use wreaths and other greenery to highlight the season. There’s a lot you can do that doesn’t involve lighting.

If you need help scheduling or saving money on holiday decor for your homeowner’s association, contact our HOA management team at AMI today.

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