Running a Successful Community Association Meeting

A successful and productive community association meeting requires advance planning and preparation. Meetings should be run in an orderly and professional fashion to avoid chaos, but organizers should avoid excessive formality which could discourage association members from attention.

Productive meetings are essential for board members. They set the tone for future work, and they let board members know that they have successfully performed their duties and can proceed on future projects.

Here are just a few tips to help you run a successful community association meeting.

How to Run a Successful Community Association Meeting

1. Announce the meeting in advance.

Let community members know about the meeting as far in advance as possible. Don’t rely on word of mouth; put an announcement in your newsletter, send out emails or letters and post announcements in common areas.

2. Give your directors information regarding the topics to be discussed prior to the meeting.

At least one week prior to your board meeting, give your directors packets that contain information regarding the topics to be discussed. This ensures that they will have ample time to review relevant material and make informed decisions at the meeting.

3. Be consistent.

When possible, it’s best to hold your meetings at the same time and place. The time and location of your meetings can greatly influence how productive they are. For many communities, evening meetings are best because they allow both working and non-working members to attend. Others find that early morning meets are more productive. Whatever time and place you choose, try to remain consistent when planning future meetings to avoid confusion and prevent distractions that could occur as the result of trying to work in different surroundings each time.

4. Create an agenda.

An organized agenda is the core of any organized meeting. Allot time periods for each matter that is to be discussed and set specific goals. Post the agenda in common areas or send it out electronically prior to the meeting. This allows homeowners to better understand association issues and makes them more likely to attend.

5. Avoid surprises.

Unpleasant surprises can derail and otherwise successful meeting. To avoid them, contact key members prior to the meeting to discuss potential problems and begin the resolution process as quickly as possible. Any issues that need to be discussed at the meeting should be presented to board members at least a few days in advance to avoid surprises.

6. Be prepared for controversy.

While you should never invite it, you should always be prepared for a bit of controversy during the meeting. If a particularly controversial topic needs to be discussed, it’s best to bring it up toward the end rather than at the beginning. This ensures that routine business can be taken care of promptly without distractions stemming from more controversial topics.

Make Meetings more Productive with Professional Property Management in Bradenton

Time is precious for both board members and homeowners in your community. With proper planning, it is possible to run an efficient and productive community association meeting in most situations. If, however, you are struggling to have productive meetings, you may want to consider hiring a professional community association management company. If you need help with property management in Florida or the surrounding areas in southwest Florida, contact AMI today!

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