Should You Invest in Professional Condominium Management in Florida?

Whether or not to invest in professional condominium management is a decision that nearly all condo boards in Florida will face. The benefits of professional condominium management in Florida are numerous, but they come at a cost, which leads many board members to wonder if they are truly worth it.

Self-management is always an option, but it may not be the best in all situations. When community members manage the association themselves, they have greater oversight of the association’s operations, but not everyone has the expertise or the time to do so properly.

Should You Hire a Condominium Management Firm?

There are several things to take into consideration when deciding whether to hire a management firm. Generally speaking, you should hire a professional if…

  • The condominium owners in your community do not have the proper skills to manage the association.
  • Condo owners do not have the time to manage the association or they are unwilling to take an active role in managing the association.
  • Your community has complex amenities or systems that require technical expertise.

You should only consider self-managing your association if…

  • You have community members who are skilled in taxes, finance, construction, communications, law and project management.
  • Condo owners in your community are willing and able to commit to the responsibilities involved in managing a community.

Benefits of Hiring a Condominium Management Company

The benefits of hiring a condominium management company outweigh the downsides by a large margin. While many board members may be hesitant due to the cost, having the expertise of a professional HOA management firm could end up saving money in the long run.

With a professional management company, your association will benefit from the varied knowledge and experience of numerous individuals who share a passion for running homeowner associations fairly and effectively. Professional management companies are extremely knowledgeable about laws and legislation affecting associations, and they understand how to consistently create and enforce rules and policy.

Hiring a condominium management company also means having someone else to deal with vendors, and because these companies are well-known to contractors and other service providers, they can often secure better prices than self-managed condo associations.

Lastly, a professional condo manager is committed to the successful operation of your association. While volunteers within your community have jobs and will only be able to work for the association during their off time, professional condo management company employees earn their living managing the needs of community associations.

Condominium Management in Florida

At AMI, we are proud to offer professional and dependable condominium management in Bradenton. From accounting and financial management to physical maintenance, property management and rule enforcement, our property managers do it all.

We currently serve more than 100 associations throughout western Florida, and we are proud to be one of only a handful of companies to have earned the AAMC designation – the highest national designation or professional management companies.

With locations in Bradenton, Venice and Longboat Key, we offer convenience for associations throughout the region. To learn more about property management Florida, please call now.

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