Keeping HOA Board Meeting Minutes that Matter!

Materials for taking notes at an HOA meeting.

Most HOAs keep minutes of their meetings. This is standard operating procedure and is likely required by the governing documents, as well.

However, many board members don’t know just how important the minutes can be. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you take good minutes and have minutes that can withstand any scrutiny they might experience.

What is the Purpose of Keeping Minutes?

The minutes of a meeting are the official record of what happened during the meeting. If there are ever any disputes or if people can’t remember what was agreed upon or voted on, you can go back to the minutes to make sure everyone is on the same page.

This is why it’s important to get everyone who was at the meeting to sign off on the minutes and approve them, which is usually done at the beginning of the next meeting. When people approve the minutes, they are agreeing that what is written there accurately reflects any discussions that occurred and decisions that were made at the previous meeting.

Most states require minutes to be recorded at any meeting that reaches a quorum, though you will need to refer to the specific laws that govern your HOA to know what is required. Even if they aren’t required, though, it makes sense to have a record of what happened that everyone agrees is accurate.

What Needs to be Included in the Minutes?

Start by including basic information: the Association’s name, the date of the meeting, anything special about the meeting, and the location of the meeting.

You will want to list who was present at the meeting, when it was called to order, and what topics were discussed. Summarize any reports presented at the meeting. Financial details are key, though they are not the only details you should record.

If the group discusses any issues or votes on anything, make sure you record what was discussed, what the motions were, who made them and seconded them, and what the final vote was. You should also note who voted in favor of each item, who voted against it, and anyone who abstained.

What Should be Excluded From the Minutes?

Don’t include any information that is off-topic. If people are discussing family vacations, that doesn’t need to be in the minutes. Similarly, you don’t need to record what people say word-for-word. Summarizing points usually offers plenty of information for the purpose of the minutes.

Don’t record any personal disputes or personal feelings and observations on the part of the person taking the minutes. These may be part of the discussion, but should be summarized in a manner similar to the way everyone else’s points are summarized.

If you need help taking good minutes, contact us at AMI today. Our professional HOA management team can help you find the solutions you need for your association. We’ll tailor a plan to your specific needs so you can always feel confident about how your HOA is running. For condo management in Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Longboat Key, or Venice, FL, call our team today!

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