Why People Choose to Live in HOAs

Why People Choose to Live in HOAs

People choose to live in communities guided by a homeowners association for a wide variety of reasons. Some are more common than others, but everyone who chooses a home in one of these areas has a reason for doing so.
As a member of your HOA board, it’s important to think about why people might move into your community. You can talk these things up to prospective buyers and make sure you protect them when you’re making decisions for the community as a whole.
Here are a few reasons why people chose to live in communities with HOAs.

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HOAs Keep Home Prices High

HOAs are known for their ability to keep home prices high. By creating rules that everyone in the community has to follow, they keep the area looking good and make sure the homes in the community are in relatively good condition. This means that buyers know they are getting a quality product when they choose to buy in the area. It also means that they have good reason to believe that their investment will be protected, even if the market takes a dive or something bad happens.

HOAs Keep Things Looking Nice

HOA are also known for making their community look nice. They require people to perform basic tasks like mowing their laws or pulling their weeds. They also require certain kinds of upkeep to the homes in the area, including things like updating paint jobs, fixing concrete problems, and more.

These contribute to keeping home prices high, but they also make the neighborhood a nicer place to live. When there’s less visual clutter, it’s easier to enjoy being at home and being in the community.

HOAs Have Good Amenities

HOAs often have great amenities. These will vary by community, but they are almost always better than what neighborhoods without the HOA can offer. Many HOA communities have swimming pools, clubhouses that can be rented, fitness centers, business centers, and more. These days, some even have coffee houses and bars or pubs that are within walking distance of home.

Since HOA fees support these amenities, the communities can offer more than others around them that don’t have that sort of regular income.

HOAs Protect People and Animals

Some HOAs have rules that protect the innocent, especially children and pets. Some HOAs have and enforce lower speed limits inside the neighborhood. These help ensure that drivers have a chance to stop before they hit someone vulnerable. Other HOAs have community watch programs set up. These are designed to draw attention to any suspicious behavior and bring out law enforcement before anything bad can happen.

Rules like these make many people feel safer living in a community with an HOA than they would feel elsewhere. This safety can motivate them to look for a home in one of these communities.

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