The Lowdown on HOA Responsibility

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 18:10 pmCategories: HOA Board

Being on your homeowners’ association board often means working hard to balance the cares and concerns of one person or a small group of people with those of the larger group. This can mean that it can be difficult to figure out who should be responsible for certain things: the HOA or the individual homeowner. […]... [Read More...]

Bring Your HOA Together This Holiday Season

Monday, December 17, 2018 at 06:19 pmCategories: Community Tips

When you run an HOA, you know that being on the board means a lot more than applying the rules, making decisions, and approving or disapproving home improvement projects. It also means that you are responsible for helping develop a sense of community among your homeowners. Sometimes, this job is easy. Other times, you have […]... [Read More...]

Make Sure Your HOA is Ready for the Fall

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 07:00 pmCategories: Community Tips

Fall is a time of transition. Not only are kids going back to school, but it’s time to get homes and communities ready for the winter. If you are on the board of an HOA, it’s time to make sure that your community and your residents are making this transition as smoothly as possible. Here are some things to think about or be sure to deal with. End of Year Meetings Sure, the end of ... [Read More...]

Google Reviews Often Inaccurate for HOA Companies

Friday, October 12, 2018 at 10:09 pmCategories: HOA Board

Have you ever left a Google review? Maybe you had outstanding service at your auto mechanic or a business contacted you after an interaction to request that you leave one. That’s because Google reviews can be powerful forces in helping people make decisions about who they want to work with in various aspects of their lives. Unfortunately, Google reviews aren’t always accurate, especially when it comes to HOA companies. Unhappy People Leave More Reviews Only... [Read More...]

How to Aid Your Homeowners in Following the HOA Rules

Friday, October 5, 2018 at 02:26 pmCategories: HOA Board

No one wants to be known as the militant HOA, but you still have to have rules and enforce them. After all, if you don’t, what is the purpose of the HOA in the first place? The truth is that it’s totally possible to get your homeowners to follow the rules without breeding ill will in your community. Here are some tips to help you do that. Educate Homeowners If there are rules that get... [Read More...]

Four of the First Things to Do as a New HOA Board Member

Monday, September 24, 2018 at 02:15 pmCategories: HOA Board

Are you new to your HOA board in Florida? Congratulations! You are taking on a worthy and valuable task by participating in your board. If you’ve been on an HOA board before, then you have a rough idea about how things will go. If you’ve never been on a board, though, there’s a lot to learn. Don’t worry, though! Here are the things you should start with when you’re a new board member. Learn How... [Read More...]

Is Your HOA Financially Prepared?

Sunday, September 16, 2018 at 10:51 pmCategories: HOA Board

Even though the economy has recovered from its low points in 2007-2009, many homeowners associations (HOAs) are still reluctant to raise their fees. Some people will legitimately struggle to pay them and even more will complain, some of them becoming quite vocal. No matter how small the increment of increase, there’s always someone who will protest an HOA increase. However, whether or not HOAs increase their fees, they still have the responsibility for upkeep of... [Read More...]

What to Know About Required Condo Websites in Florida

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 05:10 pmCategories: Condo Management

Beginning in 2019, the law requires that all condominium associations have websites that meet certain criteria. While the deadline has been extended from July 1, 2018, to January 1, 2019, time is still ticking away. If your condo board isn’t already taking steps to comply with the upcoming changes, you could be setting yourself up for a lot of problems. Make yourself aware of the requirements, and start making changes now to avoid the last-minute... [Read More...]

Transitioning to LED Street Lights? FPL Can Help

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at 08:14 pmCategories: Community Tips

LED street lights and other LED lighting solutions are practical, attractive and can reduce energy consumption in homeowner and condominium associations. Traditional parking lot and street lots present numerous operational and financial changes for condos and HOA. They require extensive maintenance to ensure continuous security and safety. They need to be replaced regularly, and they […]... [Read More...]

New Florida Associate Laws Your Community Needs to be Aware of.

Monday, August 20, 2018 at 01:34 pmCategories: Community Tips

When it comes to the passage of new laws that apply to community associations in Florida, some years are much quieter than others. Thanks to the passages of HB 841, however, 2018 has shaped up to be a year filled with major changes for homeowner and condominium associations. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at some of the new laws and regulations and what they mean for your association. 718.111 – Official Records... [Read More...]

How to Maintain Excellent Communication with Property Management Company

Friday, August 10, 2018 at 05:33 pmCategories: Community Tips

In the property management business, communication is key. Keeping the community in the best possible condition financially and physically requires open lines of communication between the property manager, homeowners, and the HOA. If there is a problem, the property manager needs to be notified right away. And if the management company is doing work on the property, they need to keep the HOA and homeowner informed of what’s happen. Property management is a partnership, and... [Read More...]

Is Your Condo Board Responsible for Pest Infestations?

Sunday, July 15, 2018 at 03:06 pmCategories: Condo Management

When you get an email or a phone call from a condo owner who is upset about a pest problem, what do you do? Is the condo board responsible for handling the problem? Or is pet control something that condo owners need to handle on their own? Whether they are dealing with roaches, snakes, mice, rats or any other type of household pest, the problem is one that needs to be addressed immediately to prevent... [Read More...]

Allowing Emotional Support Animals in Florida Condos

Friday, July 6, 2018 at 03:38 pmCategories: Condo Management

While service animals have long been recognized and protected as vital assistants for disabled people, the rise of emotional support animals has caused many concerns for condominium associations. Service animals and their owners are afforded certain rights under the law. While this is also true for emotional support animals, there are some differences. For condominium boards, it can be difficult to understand whether they are allowed to enforce “no pet” policies in situations involving emotional... [Read More...]

5 Hurricane Preparedness Tips for your HOA

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 07:03 pmCategories: Community Tips

With hurricane season in full swing, making sure your homeowner’s association is prepared to face disaster is crucial. The more prepared your HOA is, the easier it will be to minimize the damage and return to normalcy as quickly as possible. Here are a few hurricane preparedness tips for your HOA from the property management experts at AMI. 1. Make Sure All Roofs Are in Good Condition Schedule a professional roof inspection as soon as... [Read More...]

How to Hold Effective Elections for Board Members

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at 03:09 pmCategories: HOA Board

When the time comes to elect new HOA board members, it is important to make sure the process is efficient and effective. The way your association runs elections has a direct impact on the strength and success of the entire community, so doing it right is vital. Here are a few ways to hold effective elections for board members. Check Qualifications Do your HOA’s governing documents outline any specific qualifications for those who wish to... [Read More...]

How to Handle Hoarding in Community Associations

Friday, April 20, 2018 at 05:35 pmCategories: Community Tips

Across the nation, hoarding is becoming an increasingly common problem. It is especially in community associations in which people live in close proximity to one another. Depending on the severity of the situation, hoarding can cause unpleasant odors, pest control problem and even health hazards that extend from the hoarder’s home into common areas and neighboring units. Hoarding is a disorder that is usually caused by some type of mental health problem, so while it... [Read More...]

Is Your Board Guilty of These Common HOA Board Faliures

Friday, April 13, 2018 at 04:23 pmCategories: HOA Board

Most homeowners’ association boards are far from perfect, and mistakes are more common than many board members would like to admit. These mistakes are especially common in self-managed associations where board members often lack the knowledge to successfully manage a community association. Unfortunately, mistakes can lead to displeased homeowners, major expenses and even decreased property values. Is your board guilty of any of these common HOA board failures? Failing to Collect Overdue Fees Promptly Collecting... [Read More...]

Ways to Prep Your HOA for Spring

Monday, April 2, 2018 at 06:47 pmCategories: Community Tips

With the official start of spring just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about getting your HOA ready for spring. Longer days have homeowners out getting their properties ready for the coming months, and it is a great time for the board to make sure everything in the community is in good shape. If you are not sure where to get started, here are a few simple ways to prep your... [Read More...]

How to Start a Neighborhood Watch in Your HOA

Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 01:19 pmCategories: Community Tips

Establishing a neighborhood watch allows community members to work together to prevent vandalism and crime. While it takes a bit of time to establish such an organization, it is definitely worth the effort. Neighborhood watches make communities safer, and they help build strong relationships between neighbors. If you are thinking about starting a neighborhood watch in your HOA, here are the steps you need to take. How to Establish a Neighborhood Watch in an HOA... [Read More...]

Cyber Security for Condominium Associations and HOAs

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 01:19 pmCategories: HOA Board

With viruses, malware and hackers always lurking in the shadows, condominium and homeowner’s associations need to take steps to boost their online security. In the technological age, everyone is susceptible. Just like you lock your doors and windows to stay safe in the real world, you need to take steps to secure your association. Here are a few ways to improve cybersecurity in your association. Change passwords often. Staying safe in the digital age means... [Read More...]

Ways to Curb Crime in Your Community

Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 02:25 pmCategories: Community Tips

No matter how safe your neighborhood is, homeowners always have concern about crime. Keeping crime rates at a minimum is a top priority in most communities. In homeowner’s associations, getting homeowners involved is one of the best ways to curb crime. Here are a few ways you and your community can work together to curb crime in your neighborhood. Encourage Neighbors to Get to Know Each Other Communication between neighbors is highly valuable when it... [Read More...]

Does Your Condo Association Need a Website?

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 04:31 pmCategories: Condo Management

Does your condominium association have a website? If not, you may be required by law to have one by next year. According to a recent statutory amendment, all condo associations with more than 150 units must post digital copies of various documents online. These documents must be accessible via the Internet by July 1, 2018, so if your association does not have a website, you have less than a year to prepare. Website... [Read More...]

How To Transition From HOA Self-Management to A Professional Company

Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 04:44 pmCategories: HOA Board

The process of transitioning a homeowner’s association from self-management to a professional management company is often challenging and requires a acute attention to detail. From taking the time to find a property management team that’s a good fit for your management needs as well as your community’s culture to letting the neighborhood know about the change, it’s important to approach each step of the process carefully. If you’ve decided to make the switch from self-managing... [Read More...]

Easy Ways to Make Your HOA More Environmentally Conscious

Monday, January 8, 2018 at 04:46 pmCategories: Community Tips

There are several ways for homeowner’s associations to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Chances are, there are members in the community who are already interested in reducing their and the community’s carbon footprint, and there are numerous ways to encourage others to make changes as well. First, double check the community rules and guidelines to see if they need to be updated to allow for environmentally conscious living. Then, encourage homeowners to go... [Read More...]

5 Things Experts do Before Every Condo Board Meeting

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 04:47 pmCategories: Condo Management

Whether you are new to the board or a seasoned professional, being properly prepared for homeowner’s association and condo board meetings is important. Being properly prepared ensure that you are able to participate fully and makes you look more professional. Here are five things expert board members do to make sure they’re ready for meetings. Go Over the Agenda Make sure any items you may have got added to the agenda. Getting a copy in... [Read More...]

5 Easy Tips for Speaking in Front of your Homeowners Association

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 04:49 pmCategories: Community Tips

Board members and homeowners alike often face situations where public speaking becomes necessary. Whether you are speaking in a board meeting or in front of the homeowner’s association, the experience can seem a bit intimidating. Here are a few tips to help you get ready to speak in front of your HOA. Create a Script Knowing what to say without needing to rely on notes is one of the best ways to improve your credibility... [Read More...]

How a Property Management Company Can Help Manage HOA Expenses

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 04:50 pmCategories: HOA Board

The financial aspects of running a homeowner’s association can be overwhelming, to say the least. This is especially true in smaller associations and in associations with board members who are already seriously overworked. Keeping track of finances is challenging, and you could be overpaying for services and setting yourself up for future financial headaches. You may also struggle to determine how to set up a reserve fund and how much money to add to it.... [Read More...]

4 Tips to Avoid Noise Complaints in Your HOA

Monday, June 19, 2017 at 04:53 pmCategories: Community Tips

No one likes a noisy neighbor. Unfortunately, noise complaints are one of the most common problems in homeowner’s associations. They can take months to fully resolve, and they create a lot of bad feelings between neighbors and the board. Check out these four tips to prevent noise complaints from becoming a problem in your HOA. Establish a Rule that Promotes Quiet You do not have to make any extreme rules, but there should be a... [Read More...]

5 Signs You Need to Fire Your Association Manager

Friday, June 9, 2017 at 04:55 pmCategories: HOA Board

Terminating your contract with your association manager is not a decision that should be taken lightly, but sometimes, doing so is necessary. When possible, it is always best to resolve differences and maintain a positive relationship, but sometimes that does not work. Here are five signs that you may be justified in firing your association manager. Your Association Manager Has Forgotten Who Is in Charge A good association manager brings a lot of knowledge and... [Read More...]

Common Types of HOA Homeowners

Friday, June 2, 2017 at 04:57 pmCategories: Community Tips

Just about every homeowner’s association is made up of several types of people. These neighborhoods are made up of people from various backgrounds and with all sorts of different personalities. This diversity is part of what makes many communities so amazing. The differences can also create some challenges for HOA boards. While everyone is unique, many HOA homeowners fall into one of three categories. Listed below are the three primary types of homeowners in most... [Read More...]



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